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DJ With Saxaphone

Rhian & Matt Wedding (455)_edited.jpg

Booking any trusted Tall Dog Music wedding DJ we hope is a wise move - we are approved wedding music suppliers for many of the finest wedding venues in Hertfordshire because of the professionalism of our DJs and artists.


But why stop there? Add the excitement of live saxaphone music playing over the top of the tunes you love and take things to a whole new level!

Matt is a fantastic saxaphone player and when it comes to music, he loves it all. This is great news for you as it means Matt can accompany any of our Tall Dog Music DJs to bring the buzz of live music to your DJ booking. 

Simply get in touch via our contact page, and let us know the type of music you love, whether it's pop, soul, latest chart hits, rock, or indie and we can suggest the best DJ to accompany Matt for your special evening from there! 

Enhance your DJ booking and get Matt on board to give you and your guests a night they'll remember for a long itme to come.


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