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Midnight Drive

Book Midnight Drive for your wedding function band and they will  take you and your guests for a whirlwind spin around the 80s! This fun wedding band celebrate the decade of the synth, big hair, power ballads and glam rock. This was the time for monster tunes, big arrangements 


The band have a fantastic repertoire at their disposal and will ensure that you and your guests are dancing and singing at the top of their voices from the moment they pick you up, right until they drop you off around midnight! If you are looking for a less conventional party covers band, Midnight Drive are are your ride. 

Midnight Drive - Classic Party and Vintage Set

Midnight Drive don't just 'do' 80's... They also offer a more classic wedding party band set featuring songs from old to new, as well as a Mumford and Sons style vintage take on a wide range of pop, rock, and indie favourites. Whatever your musical preferences, Midnight Drive have you covered!

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