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The Rich Q Duo

Richie Q is a charismatic performer of rare vocal ability. Although a consummate guitar player, it is his voice that grabs you.


Every performance is unique due to his desire to be completely absorbed in the tune. With thoughtful accompaniment he will explore whichever song he has chosen, and offer his own interpretation of it, be it a jazz standard, rock, pop, soul or blues piece.


Richie epitomises what quality background music is about; playing at an unintrusive volume, he drifts in and out of the listener’s consciousness, playing tasteful interpretations of the music that people love.


Richie has extensive wedding experience both as a ceremony artist, and background performer.


A performer of huge diversity, it is impossible to pigeonhole his style; he fronts party bands, rock 'n' roll groups, rock bands, blues bands, as well as jazz duos and trios - all of these influences can be called upon as the starting point for his background reportoire, making his set varied and engaging.


The other half of the Rich Q Duo is Gianni, who is a formidable guitarist and fellow artist in his own right. They are a highly popular duo and have residencies every week in several bars and restaurants. Together the two create exciting music that audiences remember.


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