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James is one of the most popular wedding DJs in Hertfordshire. He has been DJing professionally since 2007. He doesn't turn up and press the 'play' button for each track - he personally mixes every tune you ask for which gives all your favourite music the added excitement of being properly mixed. 

James makes sure that your disco suits your occasion. He works with you and your venue prior to the day to ensure he chooses the right equipment to make your chosen space reach it's maximum potential in terms of both look and sound. He dresses appropriately for your evening too: casual, suited & booted or black tie – just let him know.


Refreshingly, James will say as much or as little as you want him to whilst DJing too...  He is happy to just mix tunes, or to make any necessary announcements required if desired too.


Booking James guarantees the sound quality is always fantastic - some larger rooms require additional speakers to make sure both bass and the 'top end' are still equally represented, whilst other longer rooms may need a speaker at the far end to ensure an even sound level - whatever the requirements, James understands how sound travels and has it covered.

James uses sophisticated lighting rigs which are adaptable and can be adjusted to compliment your themes, colours and venue to ensure it looks amazing. Some examples are below. 

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