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Johni got his first turntables in 1999, immediately got the mixing bug and hasn't looked back since. He has an incredibly rich and diverse knowledge of all sorts of styles of music and is one of a dying breed of DJ's who still mixes using vinyl. It's far more exciting to watch and makes him a popular DJ in Hertfordshire for both weddings and private functions.


Johni spent some time in New York and it was during this time that he really mastered his craft. He moved back to the UK and now enjoys residency slots at several notable London clubs and across the South East.


Johni is a reliable and professional choice for corporate work with experience in playing some very large venues including the ExCel arena to over 4000 people. He has also warmed up for some other notable DJ's including Trevor Nelson.


Johni says - "When I am DJing I play only for the crowd. My sole desire is to make sure you have fun & keep you dancing all night by peppering in cuts, chops & drops everywhere to keep you on your toes, whatever style of music you choose!"


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